Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jumping out of Planes

Sunday I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. For the 2nd time in my life.  I was lucky enough to shoot it with a super awesome HD GoPro strapped to my chest! Enjoy!!

Skydiving!! from Brittany Brothers on Vimeo.
Went skydiving this past Sunday, and shot this with an HD GoPro strapped to my chest! Too much fun!!

Location: Skydive The Ranch, Gardiner, NY
Skydiving instructor: Utah Steve!
Song: You Only Live Once by The Strokes

Sunday, November 14, 2010

National Geographic Traveler Magazine World in Focus Photo Contest Winner!!!

Can't believe I haven't posted this here yet...

I won the GRAND PRIZE in the National Geographic Traveler Magazine's World in Focus Photography Contest!!!

I won a 10-day trip to the GALAPAGOS!! Plus a $250 gift card to Canson Infinity Media! AND my photo will be featured in Traveler's Jan/Feb issue of their magazine!! I will definitely post a scan from the magazine when it comes out, but for now, here's the winning pic with Nat Geo's little bit about it: 

"Brittany Brothers photographed herself at IguazĂș Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina. Water flow was heavy due to recent rainfall, and most in the tour group were afraid to walk out to stand beside the thundering falls. Not Brothers. “I snapped this picture mid-run back to the trail after being completely drenched—even that poncho couldn’t keep the water out,” she says. Back at the hotel, Brothers plugged her camera into a computer to view the photos. “This picture instantly brought back the moment.” (GoPro Standard Def Wide HERO digital camera in waterproof housing, 170-degree lens, exposure at 1/13 second, f/3.6)

For the fifth year, Traveler paired its photo contest with that of Photo District News, an award-winning magazine for professional photographers. More than 3,700 avid amateur photographers entered nearly 11,000 images in the 2010 World in Focus competition—our 22nd annual contest. The pictures captured an assortment of the places, wildlife, and people that make our travels memorable, evoking a sense of delight or discovery—or both."

I took the pic with a standard def GoPro Hero waterproof fisheye camera! I mentioned it on GoPro's facebook page and they were so stoked, they hooked me up with the HD version FOR FREE!! 

Here's the e-mail they sent me: 


Congratulations on winning the National Geographic 2010 World in Focus Contest. 

We were incredibly stoked to see that you won using a GoPro camera, however, we can't possibly let you go on your trip to the Galapagos Islands without the very latest and greatest in gear from GoPro. 

For your trip we'd like to send you off with a GoPro HD camera, and one of every HD accessory we make. Yep, pretty much the whole enchilada. 

Your fantastic photo captured perfectly what our products are all about, and we're honored that you chose a GoPro photo as your entry for the contest. Now you can capture more of those moments… in HD! 

We hope you'll keep in touch, and send us some photos from your adventures in the Galapagos Islands and beyond! 

Hi5 and sincere thanks for representing our products so well. 

Team GoPro"

GoPro is seriously THE BEST!!! What a phenomenal company!! Can't wait to take tons and tons of video and pics with my HD Hero in the Galapagos!! 

I'm hopefully taking the trip over New Years' this year -- it's through National Geographic's Expeditions, and so they take care of everything and all we have to worry about is the flight! The lucky lady that I'm taking with me is... MY MOM!!  She was the one who took me on the trip to Brazil in the first place, and was also the one who encouraged me to enter the photo in the contest, (and has also had to put up with me for 23 years...), so she was the obvious choice!  I am SO INCREDIBLY PUMPED!!!  

More updates on the trip to come, and hopefully soon, I'll be posting all of my Galapagos pics!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fisheye THE DOS

Here's a more final cut of Fisheye!! Almost there!

Fisheye from Brittany Brothers on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fish Eye

Here's a scored rough cut of my short film from Spring semester last year.  I really love the cut we have now, but still working on some of the sound...  Nick Noyes is the bestest and put this together for me!!  Awesome score by Tom Richards!

Fish Eye from FactorySealed. on Vimeo.

Final Cut soon to come...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wear Your Heart on Your... Gloves...

For the first (and hopefully not last) time in my knitting career, I made a work trade with a photographer friend of mine, Ariel Kessler! She sent me two fabulous prints and I knit her this pair of 'photographer mittens'! There's a hole in the right glove so you can stick your index finger out to take pics!! To add a little extra warmth, I chain-stitched hearts on the back! :) Just putting it out there, I would love to do any work trades in the future! Absolutely 100% worth it! Especially with miss Ariel... cuz her photos are just outstanding!

(My camera is a little beat up...)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Give a Hoot!

I knit my first sweater! Found the pattern on Ravelry... by the talented Kate Davies! I'm a sucker for owls! Almost done except for the button eyes!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lakers iPod Headphones Cozy

This is my first ever pattern that I posted on -- a knitter's crack-cocaine! A little different from my film posts, but since it is one of my creations, I thought I would include it here as well!

Lakers iPod Headphones Cozy